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Culturae srl was set up in 2017 as an instrumental company of Fondazione Benetton to manage prestigious venues for conferences, meetings, events and exhibitions.
It offers two historical buildings in the centre of Treviso and a farmhouse in the Treviso countryside of Zero Branco, which as well as being greatly charming venues, outfitted with the best facilities to meet any technical and organisational need, are also stately settings that witnessed historical events and that embody the value of caring for and cherishing historical and cultural heritage.

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Palazzo Bomben

Palazzo Bomben, overlooking the waterway called The Roggia, is in the Old Town of Treviso, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral. Built on top of ancient buildings, dating to the 14th-15th century, it holds a special place in the town’s history.



Ca’ Scarpa

Inaugurated in late 2020 as Ca’ Scarpa, the former Church of Santa Maria Nova, dating back to the second half of the 16th century, is now an exhibition space and vital center of activity that is substantiated, in the orbit of Fondazione Benetton, by the proximity of Carlo and Tobia Scarpa.

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San Teonisto church

The church of San Teonisto, in the Old Town of Treviso, was built by the Benedictine nuns of the Monastery of Mogliano Veneto in 1434, in a style that marks the shift between Late Gothic and early Renaissance.

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Casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi

Casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi is a farmhouse in the countryside of Zero Branco, just outside Treviso. Eight hectares of agricultural land surround the house, which is thus enveloped in the peace and charm of the farming landscape.

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